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A Little Night Music or Good morning Vietnam

It happened on this day - 27 January 

1235th In Trnovo, Bulgaria, died Sava Nemanjic, founder of the Serbian Orthodox church, state and education. 1219. secured the autocephalous Serbian Orthodox Church, and his works Nomokanon and Sinodika orthodoxy "became a legal and spiritual pillars of Serbian statehood. A tribute to him and founded a literary school centers in the monasteries. The relics of St. Sava were transferred and buried in May 1237th in the monastery Mileševa, and during the Ottoman Turks have taken them out and 1594th burned in Vracar in Belgrade.
1756th Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born (composer)

1822nd At the general meeting at Epidaurus Greek rebels declared independence of Greece, Turkey has recognized the 1829th

1832nd  Lewis Carroll was born (author of Alice in Wonderland

1822nd At the general meeting at Epidaurus Greek rebels proclaimed the independence of Greece, Turkey has recognized the 1829th 

1859th Born in the German Emperor and Prussian King Friedrich Wilhelm Viktor Albert II. Came to the throne in 1888, and 1918th , after Germany's defeat in World War II forced to abdicate. He fled to Holland, which refused to extradite him for trial on the Allies for war crimes. He died in 1941. in the Netherlands
1865th Spain recognized the independence of Peru.

1885th Born an American composer Jerome Kern, the father of the modern musical. His operettas "Floating Theatre" is considered one of the best in the history of U.S. theaters. He composed the music and film scores. 

1901th Italian composer Giuseppe Verdi died, one of the biggest music artists 19th century. World fame for his opera "Aida", "Othello," "La Traviata", "Rigoletto", "Nabucco", which are now key parts of the repertoire of opera houses around the world. His funeral in Milan was attended by 200,000 people.

1924th The Government of the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes, signed at Rome pact of friendship and cooperation with Italy and the agreement is submitted to Rijeka, Italy. 

1926th English inventor John Logie Baird in London for the first time publicly demonstrated television. 

1943rd U.S. air force has conducted in the Second World War the first attack on Germany daylong bombardment naval port Vilhelmšafen. 

1945th Soviet troops liberated Auschwitz, the Nazi concentration camp during World War II that killed one and half million people, including more than a million Jews. This date marks the day in Europe as the Holocaust. 

1964th France established diplomatic relations with the People's Republic of China. 

1967th During rehearsals for the flight to the moon in a Cape Keneveral, three American astronauts were killed in a capsule spacecraft "Apollo 1" in which the fire broke out. 

1967th Representatives of 60 countries signed the treaty banning the use of weapons of mass destruction in space. 

1973rd Signing of a peace agreement in Paris ended the Vietnam War ended and U.S. military engagement in that country. Chief negotiators U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger and North Vietnamese Minister Le Duc Tho received the same year the Nobel Peace Prize. 

1981st At least 500 people were killed on the Indonesian ferryboat "Tampomas II" which sank after a fire in the Java Sea. 

1991st The U.S. Air Force in the Gulf War began a massive bombardment of the second largest Iraqi city of Basra. 

1993rd In New Delhi, police used tear gas to disperse the rebel Hindus who attacked the mosque and the Muslims who attacked the Hindu temple and that when burned dozens of shops.

1996th In Niger, a military coup shot down the first democratically elected president, Mahamane Osman.

1998th The European Union and NATO have expressed concern over the escalation of the situation in Kosovo, where frequent clashes between armed ethnic Albanians and Serbian security forces. 

1999th Belgrade office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees reported that in 98 villages in central and western Kosovo, there is no Serbian population.

2004th In Warsaw, died doyen of Polish parliamentarism and democracy, writer and politician Alexander Malahovski.

Today we highlight  A Little Night Music and Good morning Vietnam

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Enjoy and leave a comment Mozart vs. Vietnam history talking team, give suggestions criticism.I chose these two events because on the one hand we have the famous composer and on the other hand, we have Vietnam who also describe value of humanity. Think about that.

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