Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Gone With the Wind

It happened on this day - 26 January 

1699th - Signed a Karlovacki peace, which ended after 16 years of Austrian-Turkish war. Peace that are Karlowitz the Ottoman Empire entered into Austria, Russia, Poland and Venice, the Turks lost Hungary, Slavonia, Lika and Banija, retaining only the Sava Banat and Srem and part of Mitrovica. Venice has got central Dalmatia, Boka Bay to Risan and Moray (Peloponnese). 

1905th - In South Africa found a diamond of 3106 cards, dubbed "Cullinan". It was the largest diamond previously found. This diamond cut by Joseph Asscher to 106 smaller diamonds estimated at millions of dollars. The largest of them, "a Star of Africa", as much as 530 carats, the largest processed diamond in the world. South African province of Transvaal has determined that this gemstone, along with smaller, "Star of Africa 2", presents the British king Edward VII. 

1924th - Petrograd is renamed Leningrad. After the capital Moscow, the Russian city is the most important and probably one of the most beautiful cities in the world, located at the mouth of the Neva in the Gulf of Finland. The city was founded 1703rd Emperor Peter the Great, and originally named St. Petersburg, as it is called today. Wonderful city

1939th - Began filming "Gone With the Wind." 

1950th - Entered into force of the Indian Constitution, and thus the Republic of India has become the most numerous and democratic country in the world. 

1972nd - Above Czechoslovakia, after the blast bombs, the plane fell JAT DC-9 "on the line of Copenhagen to Belgrade. Killed 26 passengers and crew survived and the only flight attendant Vulović, which has fallen from 10,160 feet. 

1977th - Yugoslavia and Spain concluded an agreement on establishing diplomatic relations and opening missions in Madrid and Belgrade at the embassy. 

1980th - Israel and Egypt re-established diplomatic relations. 

Today we highlight a cult film "Gone With the Wind."

Director: Victor Fleming

Stars: Clark Gable, Vivien Leigh and Thomas Mitchel

Year 1939

The film is historically romantic in its treatment of many aspects of the era, including a decidedly racist view of slavery and the portrayal of the black characters. Never-the-less, it   gives a fascinating view of the American South of long ago.

 Just perfect

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